Remote Full Stack Developer

You are a full-stack developer with 4+ years of experience building and supporting software.

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You are comfortable

  • delivering features in a technology stack with which you are familiar.
  • working collaboratively in a team.
  • investigating and solving problems on your own.
  • working remotely and communicating asynchronously.
  • participating in spoken and written technical discussions.
  • asking questions about whether you and the team are building the right thing as well as whether you are building it right.

You are keen to

  • join and grow a small company together.
  • join a team with a with a diverse background and experience.
  • collaborate with external partners and clients to deliver great software products.
  • learn and work with technologies, patterns and approaches with which you are not familiar.
  • functionally and automatically test the features which you and the team write.
  • share the support of applications that you or the team have built previously.

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